Younger, intelligent, fashion can leverage a protection home appliances market?

In recent years, the most eye-catching home appliances are dyson hair dryer and dyson curling iron.Under the influence of dyson products, personal care small appliances featuring light luxury, fashion and obvious functionality are gradually gaining popularity among consumers, and the hidden business opportunities of personal care small appliances are gradually emerging.

In the first week of the New Year, sushi announced the completion of series C financing of 200 million yuan. According to the information that has been publicly disclosed, this is the largest single financing in the field of personal care and household appliances in China.Sushi is A startup in Mi's ecosystem. Earlier, at the end of 2018, another protection appliance startup in xiaomi's ecosystem was funded by series A financing of 10 million yuan.

In recent years, the most eye-catching home appliances are dyson hair dryer and dyson curling iron.Under the influence of dyson products, personal care small appliances featuring light luxury, fashion and obvious functionality are gradually gaining popularity among consumers, and the hidden business opportunities of personal care small appliances are gradually emerging.

With the collective adulthood of the post-2000 generation, the post-1990 generation has surpassed the post-1980 generation to become the main consumer, catering to the needs of young consumer groups, becoming the direction of continuous efforts of all electric manufacturers.The consumption demand of the new generation of consumers is getting younger and more personalized, and personal care small home appliances may continue to develop at a high speed.

Personal care home appliances market potential, or usher in a big outbreak

Domestic small home appliance product can be roughly divided into kitchen small home appliance, household appliances, and personal care appliances three segmentation category, compared with the traditional electric, update speed, product price is relatively low for small home appliance can meet the demand of consumer segmentation, at the same time in the high-speed growth of the mainstream product functional requirements, to the small home appliance consumers different functional requirements of fine classification have sprung up.

Affected by young consumer main force and rich product category, nearly two years of protection of small appliances performance is very outstanding.The growth rate of personal care small appliance market is gradually higher than the overall growth level of small appliances, and the proportion of the overall small appliance market is also rising year by year.

Personal care small appliances roughly developed into six categories: hair grooming, hair care, oral care, facial care, hair care, nail care.Affected by the popularity of dyson products, consumers pay more and more attention to personal protective appliances. New categories of personal protective small appliances are gradually enriched, and the sales of personal protective appliances also show a spurt of growth.

According to industry professionals, the size of China's small home appliances market will exceed 460 billion yuan by 2020.The personal care appliance market will grow to 325.The compound growth rate from 2015 to 2020 is 15.5%.In the personal care industry more than 30 billion market share, shaver accounted for about 80%, hair dryer accounted for about 12%, beauty appliances accounted for 8% a year.

The vast market space and few well-known brands in China are the important reasons for each start-up enterprise to enter the field of personal protection.Take shaver as an example, because technical threshold, in the past 20 or 30 years domestic in addition to feike has not appeared larger new brand.This provides plenty of room for many start-ups.But there is competition as well as opportunity for start-ups such as minnows and suvs that are new to the field.Panasonic, pentium and other international home appliance brands, TCL, fei ke and other old domestic home appliance enterprises, have entered this field, the field will be a new round of competition and elimination.

According to statistics, the per capita PARC of small home appliance products in China is still significantly lower than that of developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. The low PARC and penetration rate also mean that the future market has large space for development and great potential.As more and more new start-ups and large enterprises enter the field of personal care, the field of personal care small appliances is slowly turning from blue ocean to red.Although products like electric toothbrushes and razors still have great development space and potential, competitive elimination has started, which is a great pressure and challenge for those enterprises who want to enter or are new entrants.

Product technology as the core competitiveness, need to strengthen the technical barriers to patents

In many people's dictionary, the hair dryer is dozens of dollars.But dyson's appearance has shattered consumer perceptions of hairdryers.Dyson's success in China and around the world depends on two things: differentiation and black technology.In dyson product model driven, razor, hair dryer, and other products on the market has been pushing the average price to the goods before the price several times even dozens of times, hair dryer, shaver, electric toothbrush, high share of a most of the high-end product of home appliance by dyson, philips, dominated by foreign brands such as panasonic, so start-ups in entering the field, mostly from low price to enter.

For start-ups entering the field of personal care appliances, positioning, design and price are very important, and user education is also a big problem. However, the way to solve this problem is not to spend money on subsidies or intensive publicity, but product innovation.Dyson's success shows that only product innovation is the core competitiveness."Hot style" frequency of dyson is to use the strategy of "high price and high match" to open up a road of their own.

Dyson will spend 10% to 15% of sales revenue on research and development every year. Due to the extremely high investment in research and development, dyson owns more than 3,000 patents and over 500 inventions, which makes other enterprises catch up with it, thus building a very high technical barrier.Even if the price is much higher than the same product, but because of the strong product power, will attract consumers to pay a high price.

Although some domestic imitation dyson products, but it's hard to alongside dyson on technology and user experience, so the dyson road to success, is also a lesson to domestic enterprises, today's consumers are experiencing from "low price is king" to "quality is king", feel more sense of science and technology, the future is the product of feeling, in a timely manner for the pursuit of personality of young consumers more attractive.

There are also some products themselves technical content is not very high, more is the added value of the brand, such as facial cleanser, so there are many similar, even fake products.So the emerging small home appliance manufacturers can quickly develop a line with national conditions, catering to consumers of the product, consumer habits migration can quickly fission, these will become a variable that affects the small home appliance enterprise trend.

Technology is not only the driving force, demand is the fundamental decision of the market.In recent years, more and more young women pursue high appearance level, below this opportunity, appeared on market all sorts of dozen intelligence, individuation label novel, fashionable hairdressing small home appliance, function and positioning are ambiguous, advertisement effect is exaggerated.With "smart", "high-end" as the gimmick, launched a variety of products, the market response is not good, even complain.

Domestic hairdressing small home appliance pattern gives 100, did not have the brand that is like dyson, philips to have international influence however.In such a large market space, the industry of personal care small home appliances needs to be standardized.

Individual protection of small appliances should not be the accumulation of intelligent technology and the transformation of the appearance of fashion, but the new design, new scene to consumer demand as the premise, deep integration of the user's use of pain points, for the user to improve the experience of high quality, so that the user for high-tech, high quality and pay, this is a magic weapon to protect small appliances.

The industry is growing fast and there are more and more new players, but the industry shakeout is coming and only a handful of players will remain.Market is in synchronous development when, have bonus period, but can go to the head gradually concentration, although individual protect home appliance domain is a big track, but future head effect will be more and more apparent, technical barrier, product quality, industrial design, channel laid and brand publicity will test the remaining players.