Medical beauty cosmetics, the daily chemical industry’s abnormal products.


Recently for a period of time, accurate is January 10, 2019, the state food and drug cosmetics and supervision issued "the supervision and administration of cosmetics FAQ (a), after regulators stepped up to the cosmetics industry related" pharmacy "and other" cosmeceuticals "concept of punishment, and at that time of the so-called" medicine makeup "products), followed by the famous electric business platform taobao and jingdong has no" medicine makeup "related products.

In fact, cosmeceuticals are the concept of enterprise packaging, and they even make various definitions of cosmeceuticals. They endorse the cases or experimental reports of foreign cases and products with effects of "cosmeceuticals" for themselves, and carry out various brainwashing training for employees and practitioners of channel merchants.

What's more, companies pay media, especially corporate media, to write articles or sponsor various industry BBBS, so as to influence more cosmetics practitioners and consumers.

To achieve the role of "popular science".

To be exact, the important reason why cosmeceuticals are regarded as reliable is that many consumers have seen cosmeceuticals sold in cosmeceuticals stores in some countries in southeast Asia.

In fact, this is just cosmetics and medicines sold in a store, there is no convincing reason.

However, according to qingyangjun, the popularization of cosmeceuticals is not complete.

In the state drug administration issued by the official website of the cosmetics regulatory FAQ (a), specify not but in our country, most countries in (of) the world in the aspect of laws and regulations are not exist. The concept of "cosmeceuticals" current "cosmetic health supervision regulations" in article 12, article 14 of the regulation, cosmetics labels, packaging or instruction on May note there are indications that may promote curative effect, shall not use medical terms and shall not promote the medical role in advertising. For product registration or registration in the name of cosmetics, declared that "medicine makeup""medical skin care products" such as "cosmeceuticals" concept,It is illegal.


Qingyangjun in taobao search keyword "medical beauty", there are a full 100 pages of products appear, the same keyword search jd, there are inventory products also 100 pages, and there are "180,000 +" products appear.

Speaking of medical beauty cosmetics we may not be unfamiliar, it at least in the market fire more than 3 years.

Medical beauty cosmetics first appeared in what time, is the hospital, beauty salon or wechat business, at present has been unable to fastigize, we do not do here.

As for imec cosmetics, some enterprises and consumers believe that cosmeceuticals, especially cosmetics with imec technology, are imec cosmetics, while some people believe that cosmetics with "skin care products used by doctors to assist the treatment of skin diseases" with the approval of "machine" are imec cosmetics.

In fact, no matter how we define it, qingyangjun believes that "medical beauty cosmetics" is not the real meaning of cosmetics, it is the rapid development of the cosmetics industry abnormal product.

First of all, from cosmetic definition, "cosmetic health supervision regulations" as referred to in these regulations in article 2 of cosmetics, refers to inunction, spray or other similar methods, spreading in any part of the body surface (skin, hair, nails, lips, etc.), in order to achieve clean, eliminate bad smell, skin care, beauty and grooming, the purpose of daily chemical industry products.

The cosmetics here do not have the medical effect of "doctors used to assist the treatment of skin diseases", which coincides with the cosmetics supervision department of the state food and drug administration pointing out that [declaring the concept of "cosmeceuticals", "medical skin care products" and other "cosmeceuticals" are illegal ACTS.


Secondly, as long as cosmetics have an official record, special use cosmetics and non-special use cosmetics can be in the state food and drug administration official website check.

However, on the official website, qingyangjun never found any information about the registration of "cosmeceuticals" and "medical cosmetics".

On the contrary, in the state food and drug administration officer of the device category qingyangjun found many "device" number of products on record.

For example, "shaanxi medical instrument injection permit no. 20152540026" is a humanoid colloin dressing, and "guangdong medical instrument guangjun (article) no. 2018123587" is a medical cold compress.


Third, sales and use.

Cosmetic is the businessman can undertake selling to the individual, anyone can judge to try out according to oneself circumstance or use by oneself.

However, the advertisement for medical devices recommended for personal use shall be clearly marked "please read the product manual carefully or purchase and use the products under the guidance of medical personnel".

That is to say, the products registered with the "x" number are not readily available for sale to consumers or for their own use.

Therefore, "medical beauty cosmetics" is not the real sense of cosmetics.


So why is imec cosmetics still so popular?

This is because "imec cosmetics" is the result that consumers believe it has special skincare effect after long-term education market of cosmeceuticals and cosmetics.

Qingyangjun speculated that the earliest medical cold compresses, humanoid gels and other so-called medical cosmetics, or medical cosmetics, should have first appeared in hospitals.

Subsequently by the beauty salon "expert" found that the concept of medical beauty cosmetics can just meet their high-end atmosphere on the level of positioning and high-end consumption, so to packaging and promotion.

Then as the wechat business, high-profile flaunt wealth must borrow have magical effect of products, so the concept of medical beauty cosmetics again being used in the wechat business in the following distributors and consumers after lifting, brands and production enterprises with the exhibition, BBS, training and collective media hype, let the medical beauty cosmetics rapidly to science, of course, they also made a lot of money.


So now more medical beauty cosmetics are their own publicity gimmick, and even some products and ordinary cosmetics are the same, through the product record, the results of the inquiry or cosmetics.

At the same time, "small" registered products, in order to sell, also advertise themselves as "medical cosmetics", even in the efficacy is "omnipotent", and many businesses did not in the e-commerce website page labeled "please carefully read the product manual or under the guidance of medical personnel to buy and use" warning terms.

This is really the decline of the world, mixed, eight immortals cross the sea, each of them!